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Cultural buildings like an Expo Center or Pro Stadium draw in a lot of out-of-towners. This can mean big money for your city. Just be sure that your mass transit systems are ready for the influx of Sims coming in for a large conference or the big game.

Culture Stats

View key information about your cultural buildings by hovering your cursor over each building in the City Specialization menu. The data displays your buildings’ maximum capacities, the cost and maximum profit of your buildings. You can also view how many Simoleons per hour these buildings are costing. The Culture SubMenu’s System Info displays how many tourists visit the city per day, last event profit, and profits per day.

Culture Map

While on the Culture SubMenu of the City Specialization menu, click the Data Map button to view the Tourism Map and see where your cultural buildings are located.


The crowning jewel of your city, a landmark can serve as an aesthetically appealing icon and draw a huge number of tourists from all wealth levels. You can build up to three landmarks per city, and landmarks are open 24 hours.

Landmarks Stats

Key stats are displayed by hovering your cursor over each landmark in the Culture SubMenu in the City Specialization menu. View the tourist attraction level, building cost, and building expense per hour.

Landmarks Maps

While on the Culture SubMenu of the City Specialization menu, use the Data Map buttons on the right to switch between different data maps.

Tourism: View where tourists are located and where they tend to gather.

Land Value: View the land value of Residential and Commercial zones and see which buildings cause positive and negative effects on land value.

Culture Buildings




* Roadside Attractions
** Amusement Parks


  • Cultural buildings increase the attraction of your city.
  • More attraction equals more tourists.
  • Some landmarks also provide happiness, like parks or shops.
  • Touriss will shop and spend money in your commercial buildings.
  • Tourists from different wealth classes will use different transportaion.
  • Click on Stadiums and Expo Centers to schedule events.
  • Stadiums and Expo Centers require payment upfront to hold an event.
  • Stadiums and Expo Centers make more money for higher attendance.
  • Commercial buildings also increase attraction.