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Main Menu

The first time you enter the main menu, you are taken to an initial scenario. After you have finished the initial scenario and return to the main menu, you gain the ability to access SimCity World. The Play option also becomes available.

Getting Started Scenario

Before you begin building a shining utopia, you need to know the basics. To help explain the ins and outs of mayoral duty, you are first guided through a simple scenario. Learn the basics and gain insight into key game features, such as drawing roads and zones, and using Ploppable buildings. After you finish the scenario, you can replay it again. Select the Options icon from the main menu, and click GETTING STARTED.


Instantly resume the last city you played in with one click. This option is not available if you have abandoned that city.


Select the Play button to start your journey into SimCity. Before building, select the Create Game tab to start a new game, the Join Game tab to join a game, or the Resume Game tab to resume and manage your previous games from the last point played.


Select A REGION Map

Select a region map where your city will be located. Each region has a number of city sites available.


Enter a name for your region. This cannot be changed once selected.


Select PUBLIC REGION or PRIVATE REGION to choose whether your region is available to any player to join, or if you only want it available to invited players.

Sandbox Mode

Select the checkbox to turn Sandbox Mode on or off. When turned on, Sandbox Mode grants access to all Ploppable buildings, turns off random disasters, and allows players to have access to some cheats. This affects every city in the region. With Sandbox Mode on, you are not eligible for leaderboards, challenges, or achievements.

Claim a New City

Select a starting city from one of the locations available in the region. Select any of the blue city sites to view the city’s name along with information about its landscape and resources. When you are ready to begin creating, select CLAIM CITY. You can name your city once you are in your game.

Invite Friends

Once you have claimed a city, but before you select PLAY, you can invite friends to join your region. Choose any of the other available sites in your region and select INVITE FRIENDS. Choose the friends you wish to invite and select SEND INVITES. If they accept, then they are taken directly to your region.


Click PLAY on your selected city to begin playing.


Select the Play button and then the Join Game tab to view a list of available regions being played right now. Playing with others offers benefits like trading services, power, and water. You can even exchange gifts, such as resources, with other mayors to create new industries.

NOTE: You can participate in up to 10 regions at a time.

You can select to filter the results by Map or Friends. There are also options to limit the search to regions with abandoned cities or Sandbox Mode regions.

Select a region card to see more detail. To join a region, select a city from the region detail map and claim it. While on the region’s detail page, you can also view the Region Wall, which contains posts from the players currently in that region. At the upper left of the region menu is its total population and Simoleons.

When joining a region, you also have the option of reclaiming a city that has been abandoned by an inactive mayor.

NOTE: Only public regions are shown in the Join Game tab. To view a region made private by another player, click their SimCity profile avatar to access their profile page. Private regions cannot be played without an invite.

Joining from an Invite

You can find invitations to join friends’ games in the upper right of the screen. Select the invitation button, then select an invitation to view a map of your friend’s region. You can claim an available city in that region to join the game.


Return to any previously saved region and city. Select a region and then the desired city you wish to play. From this menu you can review the region, invite friends, or abandon the region.