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Quickly treat sick Sims and keep others around them healthy by building a Clinic. Select your preferred structure, and move your cursor over the map. As you survey a suitable location, the roads around your building cursor are highlighted to indicate the health structure’s coverage area. Once you are satisfied with the location, left-click to place the building.

This small treatment center provides coverage to your city, but depending on your population, it might be wise to build several or expand to include more ambulances and a large patient waiting room. This ensures that everyone is getting the healthcare they need. Your Clinic also provides limited coverage to neighboring cities.

Health Stats

On the right side of the Health menu, several key statistics are shown. The data shown includes the number of sick and injured Sims, and the number of deaths per day.

Health Maps

While on the Health menu, use the Data Map buttons to switch between different data maps.

Health: View the condition of Sims’ health, how many patients are in the Clinics, the germ levels of the city, and past sickness events.

Air Pollution: View where air pollution is blanketing your city and where it’s most concentrated.

Ground Pollution: View where ground pollution is, how damaging it is, and what buildings are affected by it.

Germs: View a map of where the sick are specifically located.

Radiation: View where radiation is spreading and how great of a threat it poses to your residents.

Health Buildings