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Connect your residents to the rest of the city and to the regions around them with mass transit. Mass transit improves traffic flow—a critical aspect of life in the city, as clear streets help your city prosper and grow. Mass transit also prevents traffic congestion that could potentially cause unexpected problems, such as late deliveries to a power plant that could lead to power outages. There are five different types of transit—Bus, Streetcars, Trains, Boats, and Planes—and each has its own purpose. Buses, streetcars, trains, and ferries transport low to medium wealth Sims around the city, while higher end transits move around medium to high wealth Sims.


Build a shuttle bus system to pick up and drop off low-wealth Sims, allowing them to travel around the city without a car. Be sure to build a number of bus stops around the city to provide the best coverage possible for your Sims.

Bus Stats

While on the Bus tab of the Mass Transit menu, you can view key info in the lower right. Check on how many Sims ride per day and the average wait time for a bus.

Bus buildings

Bus Tips

  • Buses reduce the number of cars on the road.
  • All buses use the same bus stops.
  • Only low and medium wealth Sims will use buses.
  • Buses bring commuters and tourists from outside your city.
  • Buses provide a way for homeless to leave the city.
  • The Bus Terminal will transport Sims between cities.
  • Sims will walk 400 meters to a bus stop.
  • Commercial buildings like bus stops.


Build a streetcar system to quickly carry all Sims around your city. This mode of mass transit can only be built on Avenues with Streetcar Rails. When building, be sure to add streetcar stops to all for the best coverage possible.

Streetcars Stats

Open System Info in the Streetcars section of the Mass Transit menu to view the average wait time for a streetcar, and how many riders use the system per day.

Streetcar buildings

Streetcar tips

  • Streetcars give low and medium wealth Sims new ways to get around.
  • Streetcars carry more Sims than buses and are more efficient.
  • Streetcars run on special avenues with their own stops.


Build a train system to allow Sims to come into your city, drawing more Sims from farther away to populate your metropolis.

Trains Stats

While in the Trains section of the Mass Transit menu, you can view key information in the System Info. Check on the number of Sims who ride the train per day and the average wait time for a train.

Train buildings

Train Tips

  • Trains carry low and medium wealth commuters and tourists.
  • Trains run less frequently, but carry more passengers.
  • Trains allow factories to ship freight outside the city.
  • Trains can only send commuters between cities with a Train Station.
  • Trains will ship resources in and out of the Global Market.
  • Trains can ship resources between cities.
  • Rail stations that are overwhelmed by demand might prevent trains from visiting other stations down the line, leading to massive wait times at the other stations. This can be solved by placing multiple stations closer to one another to lessen the load on the single station.


Build a boat system to allow ferries or cruise ships to come into your city from other locations around the region. Ferries can carry a large amount of low- to medium-wealth Sims, including tourists. A cruise ship can bring medium- to high-wealth tourists into the city.

Boats Stats

With the Boats section open, the System Info displays the number of Sims riding per day and the average waiting time for a ferry.

Boat buildings

Boat Tips

  • Ferries carry many medium and high wealth commuters and tourists.
  • Ferries arrive less frequently, but carry the most Sims.
  • The Ferry Terminal must be placed along a shoreline.
  • Ferries can only send commuters between cities with a Ferry Terminal.
  • Ferries can ship resources to neighboring cities.
  • Ferries can ship resources to and from the Global Market.


Bring in tourists to spend time and money in your city on local attractions and businesses. Planes can also be used for export, increasing the amount of cargo you distribute from your city.

Planes Stats

Within the Planes section, you can review key info in the System Info. View the number of runways you have in the city, the passengers per day, and the average wait time.

Plane buildings

  • Municipal Airport
  • Airship Hangar*

Plane Tips

  • Planes carry medium and high wealth commuters and tourists.
  • Add a Cargo Terminal to a Municipal Airport to ship industrial freight.
  • You need a Municipal Airport to get emergency services helicopters.

Mass Transit Maps

All of the modes of transit (except Planes) come with a Data Map. Select this icon to view the overall neighborhood coverage.