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Parks come in a variety of sizes and provide a place for residents to relax and a location for the homeless to gather. These spaces can spruce up your neighborhood, attracting wealthier Sims.

Parks Stats

The System Info in the Parks SubMenu displays important data regarding your city greens. You can measure the number of visitors to your parks per day, and view a breakdown of your city’s residential and commercial wealth levels.

Parks Maps

While on the Parks SubMenu, use the Data Map buttons to switch between different data maps.

Happiness: View where your Sims are happy, and check out what areas need improvements in order for them to be happy.

Tourism: View where tourists are located and where they tend to gather.

Land Value: View the land value of Residential and Commercial zones and see which buildings cause positive and negative effects on land value.

Park types







  • Parks increase land value around them.
  • Higher land value will attract higher wealth buildings.
  • Parks make people happy even if they have no money.
  • Homeless fill up parks, preventing others from using them.
  • Both residents and tourists can visit parks.
  • Parks increase the attraction rating of a city.