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Import, export, and store resources you’ve gathered. Cities that select Metals, Petroleum, or Electronics industries would be wise to also develop trade.

Trade Depot

If you are using power that relies on a fossil fuel, you can import any needed resources directly from the Global Market. However, building a Trade Depot allows you to store even more raw resources. Before building the depot, you can select the plant to manage your resources. Once a Trade Depot is available, open the building’s Info Panel and select MANAGE GLOBAL MARKET DELIVERIES to use your own resources, import resources, or export resources. Using your own resources is always cheaper than importing, which is at the mercy of the Global Market prices. If you chose to export stored up resources, you can earn quite a pretty Simoleon.

Trade Stats

The System Info in the Trade SubMenu of the City Specialization menu displays the number of imports and exports per hour.

Trade Map

While on the Trade SubMenu of the City Specialization menu, you can select the Data Map button to open the Import/Export Map and view where goods are imported from, exported to, and manufactured in your city.

Trade Buildings


  • Import resources like coal to fuel your power plants.
  • The Trade Depot or Port allows you to import resources or make money by exporting them.
  • Increase your output by adding more storage lots.
  • Select the Trade Depot or Trade Port to see the Global Market controls.
  • Trucks, Trains and Ships will automatically pick up resources when selling to the Global Market.
  • Prices for resources fluctuate depending on Global Market sales.
  • Local industry can ship freight to Trade Depots or Ports.
  • Trucks from the Trade Depot or Port help deliver resources to your local businesses.