Trade Port

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Trade Port
Trade Port.jpg
Type: Trade
Requirements Plop a Trade HQ OR Commerce Division at the Petroleum HQ OR Commerce Division at the Metals HQ OR Commerce Division at the Electronics HQ
Global Market Delivery Every 60 minutes
Delivery Trucks 1
Cost to Buy 48,000 Simoleon
Cost to Run -225/hr
Upgrade Modules Heavy Rail Tracks
Trade Port Sign
Delivery Truck Garage
Freight Rail Terminal
Cargo Ship Dock
Coal Storage Lot
Freight Shipping Warehouse
Crude Oil Storage Lot
Raw Ore Storage Lot
Metal Storage Lot
Alloy Storage Lot
Fuel Storage Lot
Plastic Storage Lot
Processors Storage Lot
Computer Storage Lot
TV Storage Lot
Trade port.png

Allows importing, exporting and storage of commodity resources or freight. Larger storage lots allow for ten times the capacity of the Trade Depot. Rail and cargo ship connections allow import and export via rail or water. Requires power and water to function.

You can build up to 6 storage lots per Trade Port.

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