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Water is one of the necessities of life, and your Sims need it to stay healthy and clean. Building a water tower can distribute much-needed H2O to your whole city, as long as there is plenty of water in the water table below.

Over time, ground pollution may build up from sewage and industry. Water towers that tap into ground pollution can potentially spread sickness. Make sure you regularly check on pollution levels and move your water tower to a fresher source or employ a Water Pumping Station with filter pumps.

TIP: If ground pollution is tainting your water, then it’s time to start thinking about moving your water tower to a cleaner ground source. Make sure your new water tower is up and running before demolishing the old one. Remember, it takes a few hours for water to reach new utility and industry buildings, and you don’t want to leave your residents without water during the transition.

Water Stats

With the Water menu open, the System Info on the right displays key information that is critical in monitoring your water distribution. Here, you can view a gauge displaying your current water distribution level, as well as numbers detailing how much water is being pumped, how much water is required to fulfill the needs of your city, and the status of water pollution.

Water Maps

While on the Water menu, use the Data Map buttons to switch between different data maps.

Water Table: View the water table map, which shows the best places in the city to place your water towers and pump stations.

Ground Pollution: View where ground pollution is, how damaging it is, and what buildings produce it.

Water modules


  • Place water towers to provide water.
  • RCI Buildings that don't get enough water will go abandoned.
  • If a building doesn't get water it will stop providing services.
  • Dark blue areas on the water map hold the most water.
  • Rain will replenish the water table.
  • Excess water can be sold to neighbors in Region View.
  • Purchase water from neighbors in Region View.
  • Rivers and lakes supply unlimited water.
  • Water Towers on polluted ground will make many Sims sick.